ULTRA HGH is a superior secretagogue formulation, as shown by the clinical results – 45% average increase in IGF-1 in 3 weeks! Plus, it is convenient – two scoops of ULTRA HGH powder (a daily dose) would fill 10 to 20 capsules! As far as the sprays and so on that claim that they have “real HGH”, they don’t work. What they don’t tell you is:

HGH is available in therapeutic doses by prescription only.
If a product has enough HGH or IGF-1 to do you some good, it also has enough to do you serious harm.
Anti-aging physicians agree that the optimal way to boost growth hormone levels is to assist the body in producing and releasing more HGH and IGF-1 on its own.
The amount of HGH in the entire bottle of one product that claims they have real HGH is less than a normal 80 year old produces in one day.
HGH is a big molecule, and it will not pass through the membranes in the mouth, stomach, or intestines, and the “HGH polymers” are even bigger.
HGH is very unstable, and has a half life of just minutes once it is in your bloodstream. It breaks down even faster in your mouth and stomach, never reaching your bloodstream.
Look at the research. No respected anti-aging physician or medical professional will attach their name to research or products claiming oral delivery of HGH – they all know better.

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