“After I had taken ULTRA HGH for just three weeks, my masseuse reported that I no longer have the body of a 44 year old, but that I now have the body of a young man. She described my skin as being more moist and smooth, and my muscles being more resilient and less grainy. I have also noticed that age spots on my hands have virtually disappeared, and I feel the same freshness and energy that I felt 15 to 20 years ago. Several people have commented that I look much younger than my friends in their early 30’s.”
JA Wichita, KS


“Since taking Ultra HGH, I have noticed more energy and mental clarity. I am able to exercise longer and have more stamina. There is a decided reduction of fat and increase in lean muscle without changes in my exercise regimen. The most amazing occurrence was when my wrinkles began to diminish around my face, eyes, and neck . I’ve noticed a stronger sex drive and I sleep better than I have in years.”
RS Clearwater, Fl

“After a month, I noticed I could run faster without additional effort. I’ve also noticed I seem to need less sleep…and I don’t take naps anymore!! ”
DM Los Angeles, CA

“I have noticed increased energy with no slump in the afternoon. Also it has kicked my libido in OVER-DRIVE!! I also noticed the skin on my face is firmer and healthier. The reason I am taking this product is obvious. It works and it’s affordable. I intend to continue taking it, because I feel like I’m twenty nine again.”
DG Oklahoma City, OK

“I’ve had great results with the product. I have more energy and sleep better than I have for many years.”
EK San Marcos, TX

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