New Sun

New Sun Inc. presents a superior and affordable product, ULTRA HGH, Human Growth Hormone Booster. ULTRA HGH effectively restores human growth hormone production with a combination of pure amino acids, Niacin, and an Indian herb called Forskolin. This formula is totally natural with no drugs or dangerous artificial hormones added.


Because it is in powder form and tastes sweet, you can eat it dry, or it mixes instantly with water making it easy to take. A recently completed clinical study of ULTRA HGH reveals an average increase of 45.2% of IGF-1(Growth Hormone) after just three weeks! IGF-1 levels decrease at an average rate of 3-5% per year, so this means that IGF-1 levels were increased to what they were 10 to 15 years ago!

The body is very complex, and there is concern among some experts that the body may adapt to prolonged exposure to HGH precursors and secretagogues by eventually reducing its own baseline production. Doctors and product manufacturers have offered several recommendations on how often to give the body a rest from such supplementation. Suggestions on cycling range from six days on and one day off, up to three months on and one month off. Dr. Mauro Di Pasquale states “there is an art and science to cycling” (from Grow Young with HGH). At HGH Sales, we practice three months on and one month off, with one day off each week.

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